The International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) was founded in the late 1960’s. It has grown into a dynamic and vibrant global organisation. SIOP has over 1000 members worldwide including doctors, nurses, other health-care professionals, scientists and other researchers. Our members are dedicated to increasing knowledge about all aspects of childhood cancer. Our aim is to improve and optimise treatments throughout the world.
SIOP’s vision is that no child should die of cancer.

SIOP’s vision is that no child should die of cancer and that cure can be achieved with no or minimal late effects.

We strive to achieve this vision:

• by advocating globally on behalf of patients and families to ensure  that every child and young adult with cancer has access to state of the art treatment and care

• by providing training opportunities for all  childhood cancer care providers worldwide, on the latest clinical and scientific advances through meetings, networking, and educational outreach for continuing professional development by promoting  and advancing basic, clinical, and other research,and by supporting collaborative opportunities and translating scientific discovery to improve the outcomes for children with cancer

• by supporting through those caring for children and young adults with cancer to provide the best curative and palliative therapies

• by advocating for appropriate long term follow up for survivors

SIOP works towards the various goals through the activities of its committees and through its annual congress. This provides an excellent environment in which scientific and clinical research can flourish. SIOP also sponsors regional and continental meetings to promote the exchange of information and good practice in paediatric oncology all over the world.
Continental branches
In addition to the overarching global organisation, SIOP has 6 continental branches to address issues of particular relevance to their area of the world. Each branch is headed by an elected continental president.

We encourage all healthcare professionals involved in work on cancer in children and young adults to join SIOP, attend our congresses and regional meetings, and use SIOP as a means of developing their networks. Join SIOP and help us achieve our goals.